Concours Design Zéro Déchet Ceremony 2020

Organized and hosted by THEMA_DESIGN, the winners of the 2021 edition of the Concours Design Zéro Déchet were once again broadcast live on the Syctom Youtube channel. Watch the video of the winners of the "Du Pack au Vrac" edition!

June 2021 - (voFR)

Customer Testimonial

Selecting the right channels to better address architects, this is what the collaboration with THEMA_DESIGN has brought to TRESPA. Béatrice Lalaux, Sales and Marketing Director of TRESPA France, talks about the support in video.

Mars 2021 - (voFR)


Discover the backstage and testimonials of the participants of the first edition of ARCHI'LIVE, the first 100% digital exhibition dedicated to architecture, live on October 14 and 15, 2020.

December 2020 - (voFR)

Concours Design Zéro Déchet Ceremony 2020

For the first time, the format of the Concours Design Zéro Déchet Ceremony had to be revised. Organized and hosted by THEMA_DESIGN, the awards ceremony was broadcasted live on Syctom's Youtube channel. Find the complete list of winners of the 8th edition of the CDZD in video!

June 2020 - (voFR)

Customer Testimonial

Christine Bayeul, head of communications for the Parex Group, looks back on the support provided by THEMA_DESIGN in its new structuring of the offer for prescribers.

February 2020 - (voFR)

Hotel & Lodge Business Meetings & Awards 2019

A look back at this 2nd edition of the Hotel & Lodge Business Meetings & Awards, the event for luxury accommodation, the event for luxury accommodation with 3 main themes: exhibitions, conferences, business meetings.

March 2019 - (voFR)

Concours Design Zéro Déchet at Paris Design Week 2018

Concours Design Zéro Déchet 2018 exhibits at Ground Control during Paris Design Week. THEMA_DESIGN has been assisting the Syctom in the organisation and promotion of this competition since 2012.

September 2018 - (voFR)

Hotel & Lodge Business Meetings & Awards 2018

Interview of Nicole Lucot Maitrot, Founding President of THEMA_DESIGN, which co-organized the first edition of the 2018 Hôtel & Lodge Business Meetings & Awards 2018, which took place at the Hôtel Le Meurice.

March 2018 - (VoFR)